Ever since I’ve been working with Andy my overall confidence on the platform has skyrocketed. I had never competed in a federation with walk-out squats and working with him, he informed me of different methods to get better at it and it has greatly improved! My first competition under him I was only 20lbs short of my best comp total, not to mention that was my first comp EVER competing in walkout squats and 2.5m wraps. My bench and deadlifts have gotten extremely better with overall strength and confidence. My overall performance and experience working with him has been nothing shy of incredible. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the coming years under him.

-Jason Legrand
#2 All time 242lb powerlifter

Andy Huang is a great coach that spends his time to get to know his athletes and personalizes the program to them. With Andy I went from an 837lb total to 942lb in 6 months. I didn’t get back to the platform for a year, but when I did I totaled 1052lb then 4 months later I totaled 1157lb!! Overall, he helped me put over 300lb on my total in 2 years. He’s an amazing coach that I’m thankful I got the chance to work with.

– Amanda Walker
145lb/165lb powerlifter

Highly recommend working with Andy, I cannot think of a single downfall of any sort that I have come across in the last year of doing 2 meet preps with him. I was at a standstill with progress. I started out with a 1945 total via 705/540/700. Within a year of working under his program I went to add about 90# to my total. Going 2039 via 744/556/738. The communication and feedback is top notch. If you have any issues with a movement or lift, he works with you to find a movement or variation that works. Very professional and will give no BS. He not only coaches strength but, also self confidence. This was a big Ah ha moment when I was hitting numbers in training several times that I had hoped to hit on the platform, and then had the confidence on meet day that they would be there. He believes in you as a lifter and wants to see you succeed.  I was skeptical of no face to face interaction or critiquing of form, but he was able to help make changes from video and talking through form work and helping make adjustments. Andy is very knowledgeable in his programming and movements to aide in progressing strength from a standstill. Right now I’m about to finish up my second prep and from where I’m at from the last one, we are on track for another or total and on all lifts again.

– Josh Lentz
#4 All time 220lb